Hi HD x2 it would not have a crossfireX enable tab , [if it is a single vga card] only dual card configurations have this] Do both GPU’s show in device manager? That is what they accomplished. World in Conflict v1. HD x2 it would not have a crossfireX enabled tab, [if it is a single vga card] only dual card configurations have this. Most of these feature tests scale incredibly well from one GPU to two. What was the actaul timedemo used for the Crysis VHQ benchmark? Endnotes Radeon HD

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Half Life 2 Episode 2 Page A nice addition is the extension of Overdrive. In both idle and load power the X2 is near the bottom of our chart. Thread starter Melvis Start date Jan 15, You must log in or register to reply here. OCC Gold While testing the Sapphire HD X2, I found that it performed best at the higher besf, when the other cards would slow down – usually at x and higher.

One hell of a card which produces performance that is unmatched by any single PCIe slot based solution. We ran tests using only the DX10 mode. The only thing more inane than the X2 is plugging two of them into one system. New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. This option functions independently of any particular software version, because it is available in the Catalyst 8. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


I noticed with the clock reset tool that I have to run it every time the computer boots bsst, is that right? ATi has a counter-punch ready, and it is being unleashed on nVidia’s chin today.

Best Drivers for a 4870X2??

The Sapphire HD X2 is by the fastest graphics card we have ever reviewed and this performance is truly astounding. Yes the fix Knootcn mentions still works, but godammit AMD.

The same goes for us here at PC. At lower resolutions, the test is often limited more by CPU speed than graphics.

Asus Radeon HD X2 Top (EAHX2 TOP/HTDI/2G/A) – Radeon HD X2: Four Cards Compared

The benchmark mode for Supreme Commander is pretty slick: Seems to me that the drivers are not picking 4807×2 that the card runs in crossfire, I get no option to turn on or off crossfire.

Call of Duty 4 v1. Ahh kk no worries, bummer, but Ic an live with that i guess.


In fact, a single is almost on par with the more expensive GTX Endnotes Radeon HD Melvis Jan 22, After that its all working great. Instead, the company gives you two power adapters, and the 8-pin adapter is rather rare. Joined Oct 8, Messages 1, 0. Jack1n Jan 16, The benchmark features two factions taking on each other for the control of a small town.

If you install the Catalyst 8.

Best Drivers for a X2?? | TechPowerUp Forums

We use a custom recorded timedemo for our benchmark. We have seen all over the net how the card is taking top honors in all benchmarks. Power utilization is one of the downfalls of using two GPUs on a single board.

Hi guys, I 4870z2 two bedt X2’s and 1 of them started to have artifacting issues a good 14months ago or so and I have finally got around to refurbishing it completely. Part 2 Page 5: