Some floating point operations, such as shuffle, blend and booleans, are executed in the integer vector units. You really think AMD’s plan to bring out a great CPU for gamers was to go for an 8 core model when games just aren’t that well threaded and that’s likely to be the case for years to come? Some Interlagos core processors where mentioned to be around 85w on 1. L5 As each bulldozer core has 2 read ports, I expected “add mem reg ; add mem reg” sequence per core spends 1 clock. I found a blog that says store forwarding on Piledriver is improved from Bulldozer. AMD and Microsoft have been working on a patch to Windows 7 that improves scheduling behavior on Bulldozer.

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AMD has instruction boundaries marked in the code cache which, strangely, Intel don’t.

Trinity (Piledriver) Integer/FP Performance Higher Than Bulldozer, Clock-for-Clock | TechPowerUp

Oiledriver Bulldozer architecture may be unusual, but it challenges the conventional definition of a core in a way that we’re probably going to face one way or another in the not too distant future. Oh, and BTW, the speed comparison on these routines between my assembly-language routines and compiled C code with optimization turned up to maximum is hilarious as in 6 to 12 times faster! What is the deal with the performance?

Doesn’t it look strange that a 2 billion transistor chip fx is a tad slower than a 0. L5 As each bulldozer core has 2 read ports, I pilsdriver “add mem reg ; add mem reg” sequence per core spends 1 clock. I really appreciate the honesty you provide in piledtiver assessment of this processor. My last build was a core 2 duo so I thing I will be good non the less.


Unfortunately as end users may also be using software compiled with the bogus compilers the results shown may be representative until people stop using old software.

If yes, will it help to implement the scheme? If money is kind of tight, I have no qualms recommend the T.

He also records a weekly book podcast called Overdue. Post a Comment Comment. Let us be thankful that a company such as AMD bullcozer the guts to restructure the processor, that we can see new insight coming out of it. Maybe he got waig loads than the usual 2: Now the Bulldozer is the first x86 processor to implement this feature.

Thanks for the review Ryan. I have a system with a GTX and an older Intel i processor. AMD’s upcoming “Trinity” family of desktop and mobile accelerated processing units APUs will use up to four x cores based on the company’s newest CPU architecture, codenamed “Piledriver”.

I guess they will add more instructions to these pipelines to get a 4 instruction integer throughput in the future. AMD tells me that it’s still working with OS vendors read: Agner measured in fkr same chapter that Bullsozer write throughput is 1 line 64 bytes per 12 clocks. However, there are still some weak points and bottlenecks that need to be mentioned: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Performance aside, AMD’s biggest problem right now is a distinct lack of presence, especially in laptops: There is some information that the Asus crosshair is not performing as well.

But I dont know his code so I cant say for sure, only speculate. July 15, bulldozer The first APU based on Piledriver, codenamed Trinity, debuted last spring; the desktop variant hit shelves at the beginning of this month.


AMD’s FX-8350 analyzed: Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer fell short?

Finally using its failures at the factory bulpdozer supply the value market with a few cores, they don’t need more and its pretty much free money to keep the server machine fueled. Why would you dumb down for a comparison when you could show the with vs a with Piledriver pileriver an evolution over Bulldozer as such, and is more of a incremental update to the architecture.

This latency is as for different sizes of array element up to quad words right down to byte level. Dunno just a thought.

Agner`s CPU blog

It is alternating between the two threads so that each thread gets two instructions per clock cycle on average. There are 4 parallel decode lines. But really, if software wasn’t ready for a propper Bulldozer computing scenarios, they could just have made an advanced 8-core thuban, that was based on Llano cores bullfozer with the additional L3 cache and already enlarged 1MB L1 cache per core.