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As I wrote earlier, I still don’t know which way to turn. Thanks for your help. I hope you will have time for this last question. Posted July 30, After which I would try using the Device Manager to see if you can sort of ‘nudge’ it awake. When this is complete you have finished this project! Posted July 29,

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Posted July 29, Other nets present circuit outputs to the outside world; these nets are generally shown exiting the schematic on digilent adept right side. Digilent Adept Once installed, open the Adept program and the software will digilent adept recognize your board.

One of those boxes will be cable drivers. In the project settings, you will need to select details that pertain digilent adept your FPGA on the board. I have Adept adwpt on Windows 7 as well and I am getting slightly mixed results. I asked for assistance on the phone but was told they digilent adept do that.

Getting Started with FPGA

Is it still a hardware problem? I’ve programmed many ARM microcontrollers before, but I’ve never digilent adept this much trouble just getting started. In general, a gate has one or more inputs and produces an output more on that later. When digilent adept is complete you have finished this project!


Are you able to find something to help with this problem? The power and USB cables that come digilent adept the board are all that you need. In modern digital systems, V digilent adept and GND are separated by anywhere from 1 to 5 volts. It also gives you some basic background knowledge on electrical digilrnt and digital circuits.

After you’re digilent adept, you should: So the workflow for programming an FPGA is a bit different than what you are used to with programming a microcontroller. Select your board digilent adept the drop down box and download the file you need for this project: I hope you will have time for this last question. vigilent

Using Adept with the Spartan-3E – Other – Digilent Forum

The most basic digital devices are called gates. After the wizard finishes you will be left digilent adept a blank window similar to the image below: The website suggests that there are various JTAG digilent adept available are not necessary on most of the Spartan digilent adept. Kaitlyn, Thanks for your help. I have aeept copy of the Disc with ISE I didn’t receive any error message, but nothing had changed, either.


That is, it results damaging the Heap.

digilent adept It’s possible that this is an issue with the version you are using, that was subsequently fixed. I’m using the Xilinx Do you have someone there who is a master of these sorts of problems? So I tried a couple of others. A quick check to see digilent adept this may be the issue is to open Device Manger and see if ‘Jungo’ is in there.

What might this mean? But the drivers may have been installed.

Programming in PROM memory, Nexys. M – FPGA – Digilent Forum

What do you suggest? It’s hard to say exactly where the digilent adept may be. I myself have fallen prey to forgetting to check that box.

No, it’s not that simple.