Akzeptieren Erfahren Sie mehr. For the two capacitors marked in bright red, you can identify the recess on the waterblock very well. This becomes especially clear as soon as you start overclocking the card. In general, a water-cooled PC is more quiet, radiates less hot and dry air and goes easier on the hardware itself. Of course, you should also think about the other water cooling components and the layout of the loop inside the case, because ultimately a complete water cooling system consists of more than just the graphics card.

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But of course they work very hard grafikkarts keep the gap as brief as possible. Sometimes it also happens that the manufacturers are not allow to release any custom designs. The vias are placed directly into the solder pads of the BGA. The same would also be true, if you install a different air cooler.

Reference- versus non-reference design graphics cards – hitzestau – Leben mit Technik

In this article, we will explain what this pvb and why it is important to know whether a card is reference design or not when considering a watercooling solution.

Reference- versus non-reference design graphics cards Gepostet am For the two capacitors marked in bright red, you can identify the recess on the waterblock very well.

Reasonable publication, typically 8 times a year. Grafikkartte waterblocks are always built to fit a specific graphics card model or layout, because they must match exactly on all the positions of the components on the PCB.

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The GPU cooler from Watercool can be supplemented with a universal copper plate that fits on many graphics card models or can be tailored to fit. Design proposal The values given are design proposals, values of component data sheets are always preferable. Akzeptieren Erfahren Sie mehr. Non-reference air coolers often run quieter than their original counterparts and are more efficient, because they are equipped with more than one fan.

The second one is a full-cover waterblock which not only covers the GPU, but also the RAM chips and power supply regulators on the PCB and thus ensures pb cooling of the entire card.

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The waterblock must be tested as well: This becomes especially clear as soon as you start overclocking the card. Only after all that you should mount the waterblock: The disadvantage is however, that the rest of the card is not cooled actively. The distinction between reference and non-reference design is also made for the air coolers, which are presented by NVIDIA and AMD along with their new graphics cards models.

This is in turn again grafikkarrte to the layout of the PCB.

Reference- versus non-reference design graphics cards

Not all waterblock manufacturers produce for the market of reference and custom cards alike: In the middle, there is the GPU. Show all data formats.

Other technical details such as technology of the vias or grfikkarte -width and -spacing will be specified by the designer. Card on the left: Replay-TV oder Werbung um jeden Preis?


On the other hand, if you put a watercooler on top of this card, then you can basically unleash the full potential of this card.

Nvidia GTX295 Single PCB Grafikkarte im Kurztest

When the graphics card manufacturers deviate from the reference layout for the PCB and cooler, they create so-called non-reference or custom design cards. Reference design and watercooling GPU-only Full-cover cooler Practical application Selection of a suitable waterblock Before the installation Warranty issues Where you can get help.

This kind of cooler is cheaper to purchase than a full cover water block and you can continue to use it when you acquire a new graphics card. Also, the two PCB do not have the same dimensions. Developing and producing different variants of a product is always an economic consideration for each manufacturer, because the product cycle of graphics cards is relatively short. We sell solely to business customers and public institutions. If you want to overclock your system, you have a wider range at your disposal, because the cooling capacity of water is better than that of air.

In addition, it is more than three centimetres higher.

Login Forgot your password? When new graphics card models are released, there is usually a certain time difference before waterblock manufacturers can deliver the right blocks.