More items related to this product. Harmonix Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controllers. This item doesn’t belong on this page. I spent a few weeks using the product before I felt confident enough to say this, but the drums worked practically flawlessly. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad

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Pretty cool for casual play. Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad I like the rock band set, because I’ve had more experience on it, and I’m not entirely sure yet, but I think its more responsive. Great product Verified purchase: If you mostly play Rock Band, rock band drums 2 drums or Beatles drums are the best choice.

If you mostly play Guitar Hero, you should clearly get their drums, though I’d suggest waiting for Band Hero’s drums as they look better. I spent a few weeks using the product before I felt confident enough to say this, but the drums worked practically flawlessly.

I like the guitar hero set, because of the extra cymbols, the high hat is placed in the spot it should be, and I also think these are quieter. Xbox Core Harmonix Controllers. Harmonix Harmpnix Xbox Arcade.

One advantage to the GH set is that you can adjust the pad sensitivity with a midi cord on the original set, or automatically on the newer band hero set. But the opposite is not too bad, using the RB2 drumset in GH games it’s much more decent.


better drum set for xbox 360?

People who bought this also bought. The problem is that even though you can use the set with RB2, the layout is rather awkward and the yellow cymbal definitely feels wrong in RB songs.

Sign In or Register to comment. However this does not apply to the cymbals as well, hitting them feels much like hitting an RB1 drumset pad.

Harmonix Model Wired Rock Band Drum Set for Xbox Tested | eBay

Show More Show Less. Having owned both and long moved to using electro-acoustic drums, here’s what I’d highlight from each alternative: Read full review Verified purchase: About this product Product Identifiers Brand. You can use either set with either game, it ultimately works out to which game you play more. Rubber bands exist and can be used to hold the sticks together just as efficiently if xbbox is near the bottom and another is near the top.

There’s I believe an ongoing debate over thi sfact, where folks say the merging of the notes gimps the experience and makes the game easier. My only kt wasn’t even due to the quality of the actual product, it was how the drumsticks were held together: Harmonix Microsoft Xbox Wired Controllers. GH kit’s high hat is not in the right harmojix, it does hamonix cuase you to cross over.


Also, you can get cymbal expansions for the Rock Band 2 or Beatles drums, so in addition to the 4 pads, you can have 3 cymbals that correspond to hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbals.

October edited October in Rock Band. Metallica on that set feels about right. Not only it feels sturdier specially the RB2 pedzalbut your foot actually has enough feedback from the pedal that makes a huge difference when playing in the high-tier songs.

No sticky residue upon removal, either! I know there are a lot better ones out there, like the ion, but my budget has restricted me to these two. Hello everyone, I’m not that new to the world of drumming on rock band, and guitar drun, I am new though to the world of owning a drumset.

GH games even adjust themselves to the RB set by merging the blue and orange notes into a single blue. I’d advise against doing that in the future if at all possible.

This item doesn’t belong on this page.