Today it is the largest graphics tablet producer, and is very popular with artists, graphic designers, architects, and cartoonists. The medium sized Intuos5 is the most versatile model, even though the small one has plenty of resolution to work well with your screen size. So I am wondering which tablet that would suit my needs the best: I had also emailed Wacom too to ask them and forgot to ask something else. Will visit this blog often in the future. The budget brands, like Monoprice and Genius, are an attractive proposition if you need a large work area and are on a very tight budget.

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StephenB, Tzblet you for your comment. Your MacBook has a high resolution display, retina in Apple’s jargon, but those extra pixels are not used directly in a one to one grid, but instead scaled two times to allow for a higher level of detail while interface elements keep their relative size.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

Refer to the sizing table above for some pointers. The price of the Medium version is a bit above my budget, but I’m going to think talet over. Tried things out till late early AM.

You can always buy a new pen and it’s not that expensive, but this may offset the difference between an used and a brand new model. It is also useful if you need to trace large artwork or sketches directly on the tablet surface. In that case, the Create is a much more versatile model. Getting them a Wacom tablet and some software is a great investment into their future.

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If you want a bigger model, your only option is the Intuos line.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Medium

Is small size also ok? I’m going to buy my first Wacom because a really want to immerse myself in the design world. I’m a traditional artist trying hard to transition to digital, but Profedsional really don’t have the money to try something and then upgrade, which is why I want something that is suitable for what I want it to do cartoons, sketches, editing stop motion animation frames, pfn.

Keep us posted on your experiences and feel free to share them here on the site. You can save a few quid by going for the regular Intuos, but the Pro model is worth the difference and should last you for a long time.

Wacom Intuos4 XL (Extra Large) 12×18 Professional Pen Tablet

One way to get by with a smaller tablet is to make good use of zoom when working with images or vector files. Atblet is also very complicated and has a lot of functions you don’t need as an artist like your daughter and me. They are also used for recording of the pen in handwriting movement analysis.

I hope this helps! Should I buy the Intuos 5 or is that too advanced for what I would like to do? I am looking to use a tablet in my high school math classroom for notes. Let me add two more variables to your decision: I’ve used an older model, much simpler, called Graphire, for many years and upgraded only when I’ve bought my 30″ display. The size is plenty for your 15″ MacBook Pro intus4 this is the professsional tablet you used at your previous job.


They’re capable models, but I’d recommend talbet to spend a little more, if possible, and get a Bamboo Create. I have just tried mapping just a quarter of the tablet to the full screen and the difference is striking. This would allow you to keep the tablet mapped to a single display at a time, using its whole area for better precision.

I’m still waiting for the tablet that I ordered on Amazon through Electrobrands and Intus4 just lost the package The Bamboo Capture and Create are very similar, except for the size and lack of eraser on the Capture pen.

This module turns the pen display into an upgradeable Windows 10 workstation. I will be directing fellow Photographers and Graphic Artists to this site in the future!! In my tests, the pen tracks just fine at up to 4mm from the tablet surface. I’m using a macbook pro 15′.

The Capture will be sufficient if you only want to take notes, draw and write on the screen. I have decided to finally get a wacom for my home as well so i can work on personal textile and art projects, but i cant decide between the medium and intuks4 sizes.