Make sure your car has over or you’ll slow down near the end. There are a lot of cars and items and you just can’t upgrade it all. Start by running your driver through a series of drills to increase skills from intelligence to reaction times. Well, you are a genius, and you own a labratory, AND However, remember that the game auto-saves every time you relocate facilities!

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After the aero-test stage, swap it again with a Test Track. If I hadn’t assembled myself, I’d have fallen apart by now Her high Appeal and access to the incredible Feedback utility skill make her a great candidate for farming resources.

Enter the race like you normally would and click on the refinery button to collect a small amount of gas.

His driving stats are Bewt. I’m looking for best tech, best analyze mechanics mainly Try to strike a nice balance between upgrading your car and upgrading your driver. It is indeed rather similar to Game Dev Story, but that is an awesome game, so I fail to see the problem with that.

Research, however, takes into account the complexity of the vehicle, as well as how much you’ve use the vehicle, and will give you Research Points. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

All in all I think there is more “challenge” and content than Game Dev Story.


Grand Prix Story 2 Team Composition : Kairosoft

Starky27 Starky27 7 years ago 6 That’s weird, the ATA of my mechanics at max level is different from yours. If you need help with wiki markup, see the wiki markup page.

Usage of the spoiler tag: Leave a comment [ top of trand ]. Make sure your car has over or you’ll slow down near the end. Your car will automatically gain experience and level-up as you race, but you can, of course, also upgrade your car using Research Data.

Monthly Archives Select a Month Carbon Brakes to reduce the slowdown time that cornering costs you. If you can wikify this page, please edit itor help by discussing possible changes on the talk page. If you’re familiar with any of Kairosoft’s previous iPhone management titles, vest know that they are two things: That’s all you need to start your career, however, and even though you won’t be winning races your first dozen or so times, you’ll still be glued to your phone as you tap here and select there to slowly push yourself to the top.

The car Your car is arguably the most important member of your team, so it’s important that you develop a race-winning contender. Contents [ show ]. There are several different types of car to kkairosoft and develop – unlocked by upgrading your current ride – and a bunch of different drive types to select, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS: MINICAM PRO 98667

Research is also required when unlocking parts. Retrieved from ” https: Her first skill, Car Designer, is obsolete as there are many better candidates to choose from for that particular role.

A beginners’ guide to Kairosoft’s racing team management simulation Grand Prix Story

His second skill, Race Analysis, is a very useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers. Later on in the game, it gets harder to collect Research Data for upgrading. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I was so excited to see this, until I read that it’s Android-only!

This method applies to any structure that you might want to maximize its boost temporarily. Log In Sign Up. Forfeiting a race has no negative consequences other than fuel consuption. It annoys me that their games still cannot be moved to the SD card, and that’s currently stopping me from buying this and Hot Springs Story, since I just don’t have enough free space on my phone.

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