Power consumption on the Leadtek is pretty reasonable. The card’s VRM and memory come with heatsinks, and are cooled under the fan’s airflow. The difference in this test was actually about 0. Leadtek designed a new simple, low-cost graphics accelerator based on the GeForce GTS graphics processor. Provides ultra-smooth playback of H. Joined Feb 26, Messages 5, 1. I would’nt be surprised if Nvidia tested 40nm on a G92 c it would make for great low power chips tho.

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Maybe you haven’t been listing them enough places My sales have been doing fine really. The SLI setup does pretty well here, but not playable. The game was released in September of Far Cry 2, released leadtfk October by Ubisoft, was one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

In the cut leatdek forms GT they have though. Windows 7 will be able to offload part of its tasks to the GPU.

Nobody wanted it cause of odd design and where skeptical over single power. When you’re on a budget, making your computer look nice is stupid. I did have to unlink the shader from the core 2550 any higher on the shader from where it is now and I was getting lots of artifacts.

The GTS v2 comes in a compact, yet fully capable form-factor. High-Speed GDDR3 Memory on Board Enhanced memory laedtek and capacity ensures lwadtek flowing video quality in latest gaming environment especially in large scale textures processing.


World in Conflict is a real-time tactical video game developed by the Swedish video game company Massive Entertainment, and published by Sierra Entertainment for Windows PC. Forums New posts Search forums. Each sales region will impacts the product difference, please contact your supplier for making sure the actual product information.

On one particular scene the frame rate would drop no matter what our settings were.


Please note that this is on a DD Tower 26, which has a lot of room inside, so your chassis and cooling will affect the temps your seeing. I know that big bad heatsinks are all the rage right now, but this card produces less heat than the EVGA GT that it was tested against, partly because of the die shrink, yet the GT uses a single slot, full shroud heat sink.

And even then, they will release the HD series first, which if history repeats, will be rather crappy, and fail to even outperform the previous generations cards the HD didn’t even outperform an HD, the HD didn’t even outperform the HDGT. MopeyMartian Sep 15, Joined Feb 26, Messages 5, 1. But soon enough it will not look good enough for the enthusiast crowd and they will move on.

The mid-range cards always take a while to come out after the high end. You could make a pretty kickass tri-SLI, small footprint setup with this card and the Coolermaster Elite Highlight PCI Express 2.


Leadtek Launches WinFast GTS | TechPowerUp

They work in all but my main rig, as only my main rig has a window. Leadtek designed a new simple, low-cost graphics accelerator based on the GeForce GTS graphics processor. Highlight PCI Express leavtek. We loaded all the updated drivers for all components and downloaded then installed all available updates for Vista.

Look at RV and RV This Leadtek card looks even shorter than 8 inches. Above brand name and product name are trademark of each corresponding company. This is the test, again, that really speaks to the intensity of the benchmark.

I’m guessing it is getting harder and harder to sell it brand new also, with the current economy. I have had a few threads taking a week to square away payment on [H] though. The case will fit 9″ cards if the PCIe power connector is on the side of the vid card. With the eye candy turned up, you can see that the game is not entirely playable.