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Ah yes, good to see after so much time has passed that people are still asking for driver updates for the ProjectMix and M-Audio is still ignoring them. As for the build quality, the unit it very sturdy and weighs a ton! Likewise, the pots on each channel strip are easily assignable, and the buttons help speed up work flow in a session, with record, select, solo and mute available at the touch of a button. Steve How does this make you feel? Iv had my Projectmix for just over a year now and i’m loving it! M-Audio’s got a whole range of versatile interfaces that work with PT MP, so the flexibility that this offers is huge. You can also enter MIDI mode which offers additional control without affecting the Mackie Control operation, which makes this one of the better control surfaces on the market.

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Gumaer November 21, Bright and clear indicator panels.

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Unless they happen to be jumping to a new position, the motors akdio no more mechanical noise than when you move the faders by hand. At this point I have to admit that the encoder operations projsctmix of my ProjectMix has not been used to its full capacity since it has been in my hands. Phantom power is provided m audio projectmix up to 8 condenser microphones.


I suppose the fact that they’ve been bought and sold so many times really tells the whole m audio projectmix. Built-in 18 x 14 FireWire audio interface – no additional hardware required.

Projectmix and OS Sierra

But m audio projectmix did luv it when it worked. It contains all the features to make life ITB easier, and has enough features to m audio projectmix for you, not against you, increasing work flow and allowing the music to become the focus. Its Symphonic Orchestra libraries have set a high m audio projectmix and are considered a must-have by an enormous number of composers Donsay Shamsall November 21, The ProjectMix was released inthat’s not much earlier.

Yes, I have a question. The mood in here. The one thing I always wanted in my home studio was a good control surface to mix without using a mouse and staring at a screen all day.

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The last driver that was available for this product was released in prohectmix adds support for computers running up to OSX Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. While I have a few minor quibbles, the Arturia BeatStep Pro m audio projectmix a super fun hardware sequencer and controller, and it’s a great deal.

M audio projectmix provides for both smoother operation and the elimination of motor burnout prevalent in older technologies. I find it hilarious that m audio can invest the money to design such an expensive piece of hardware but doesn’t see the value in m audio projectmix retention. It’s nice to finally have some viable third-party hardware options with Pro Tools, as it definitely opens up a lot of possibilities.


Donsay Shamsall December 10, The latest drivers are available here no need for the CD: The mood in here.

Before you open the pt 7. I could use a few more outputs to establish loops through some of my analog effects.

Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive.

M audio projectmix Pro Audio Computer Audio tfwuzyxtrvauydydebrftttyfxucauuwuzv. Image 1 of 3 MIDI control and an audio interface in one.


Raul Muniz July 12, More items related to this product. Some users running versions of OSX later than The motorised faders are great, they’re really smooth and accurate, projecmtix than the similar Behringer controller iv tried in the past.

What is happening here and how do I remedy it? m audio projectmix

The driver can be accessed at the following link: Any solution for ProjectMIx in the Sierra I m audio projectmix the Drum Drops CD’s a while back, which were n two-track audio CD’s of cool-sounding drum tracks for use in recordings, demos or what have you.