I can’t say that for all other drivers. Goes great, good flight and I find on the first tryout at least, that I teed the ball a bit lower than normal which I like , and it just carries for ever. I played the Copperhead course at Innisbrook yesterday with both drivers in the bag. The MACTEC NVG2 driver is geared more toward the average player, with more weight in the heel area to fight a slice, a less-stout shaft, and a slightly simplified design that is more cost efficient. Posted 04 September –

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The regular NVG2 is more common and the most easily found model, on ebay and elsewhere, and it’s a very good driver in its own right. The ball macggregor off of the face and the driver allows for much workability such as cutting the ball low under the wind with a simple tee-height change and placement in stance.

Once I sized the shaft correctly, I found the driver has exceptional length and accuracy. Posted 03 May – macgregorr Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box?

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Posted 10 May – Please try again later! Could this really be due to the ?

Sparing no expense, the rich, translucent paint is applied in multiple coats, complementing the mirrored finished with a depth luster one finds in the finest luxury automobiles. NVG2 tour 8 degree X Very good feel and sound, with a penetrating flight.

In this age of exotic shafts, consumers want to mscgregor a big-name shaft in a driver, not a proprietary model.

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MacGregor Mactec NVG2 Draw Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

MacGregor uses TVC beta-titanium in the NVG2’s cup face, because its high elongation properties are ideal to generate hot ball response from all points of impact. I love the driver, but kacgregor too happy with the shaft. The driver has a pronounced toe area with tungsten weight insert. Overall we loved this club. Well, mine is not. You can pick these up very cheap on ebay and for the money you just cant go wrong. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

MacGregor MACTEC Nvg2 Draw 10.5° Driver Stiff Flex Graphite 529021

The resulting sound is muted and a bit hollow, mactwc unlike the Callaway FT I ss is only 85mph. The longest 3-wood on test, by a mile. Several functions may not work. It may only be a few millimeters on the face, but hitting the ball off-center instead of direct-center usually means chipping instead of putting.


Posted 26 October – MacGregor is renowned in Japan for making high-tech gear from the finest materials. I definitely wanted to see how it stacked up to the NVG driver I tested last year. I have about a swing speed and thought the regular shaft would suit me better.

Most relevant Most recent Ratings: Macgregoe Quad was decent, but it just went all over the place for me. Leaves the burner for dead. But it does not really seem go give up all that much hitting into the wind either. The ball flight is very penetrating, no ballooning with this driver. Macgregor must have chimps doing their marketing. Or the NVG2 Tour model.