Enjoying meals without interruption. The sensor is a small part of the continuous glucose monitoring system that you insert just below your skin to measure glucose levels in your interstitial fluid. Automatically restarts insulin when your levels recover without bothersome alerts. That you grant Medtronic of Canada permission to send you updates on diabetes and diabetes technology. Login or Create an Account to remove this ad. Thread Tools Email this Page…. The MiniMed G System Water Resistance Waterproof pump, protected against the effects of being underwater to a depth of up to 12 feet 3.

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The time now is Bolus Speed Options Standard: I just plugged it in and went through Carelink as usual, and at one point it asked my permission to install the driver, I granted it, and from there we were off and running as usual. Carelink is web-based, so is up to date each time you access the program. The MiniMed G System Water Resistance Waterproof pump, protected against the effects of being underwater to a depth of up to 12 feet 3.

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Type LED Light-emitting Diode Time out 15 seconds default30 seconds, one minute, three minutes Time out when battery is low 15 seconds default30 seconds. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.


Spike, I am in no way saying Medtronic is perfect. Simply check your glucose and enter the number of carbs when you give a mealtime bolus. That you have read and are aware of our privacy policy.

Perhaps you are simply frustrated to the point where you may not have considered these options ush otherwise would have if you were not focused XYZ. Used to upload system data to the diabetes management software using a USB port on your computer.

MiniMed® Carelink™ USB Connector

Used with your pump for CGM. Message us on Facebook. It is indicated for single-patient use and is not intended for multiple patient use.

Ok, just used it for the first time on an XP machine.

Environmental Conditions The MiniMed G insulin pump system is designed to withstand most conditions encountered in your daily life.

The weight of the pump is approximately 3 ounces.

Manual injections are not accounted for in Auto Mode. The MiniMed G system comes with a compatible meter.

The company that tells us that it is a “good” idea that we reload our OS from time to time, that in itself speaks volumes I understand your frustration, especially when we look at these utility devices for what they are supposed to be, devices to make our lives as diabetics more livable, showing us where our BG’s are, monitoring our TDDs, trends, generating graphs, backing up our pump settings or in this case, at least keeping a record of our pump ,inimed.


It ysb connects to your pump, allowing you to send BG meter readings to your pump. Having more time for family and friends.

Got the MiniMed USB device and got it working

Bailey T, et al. The MiniMed G system lets you wake up every minimsd well-rested and ready to take on the day. With an updated browser, you will have a better Medtronic website experience. Do not use the Suspend on low feature to prevent or treat low glucose.

Meet the Real People. Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor.

Open Carelink in IE, log in. Fill out the form to learn more. Too much insulin may cause hypoglycemia. One-Press Serter The serter is used as an aid for inserting the sensor. OR, you can troublshoot what you have on your box now, make sure you scan for ALL spyware, remove remaining spyware, run CC-cleaner for unresolved issues and conflicts Cookies too!