Instead, vFAX will send you an email with your passcode in plaintext. More From Max Hide. Get Our Best Stories! The most convenient way to send and receive faxes with vFAX used to be via your existing email client. Nextiva, a leading business phone service provider, offers a wide array of services aimed at simplifying business communications. And don’t hit your browser’s Back button, or you get shuffled out of the interface entirely.

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Nextiva vFax also maintains nfxtiva of the lowest overage rates we came across nextiva fax just 3 cents per page over your allotted total based on your pricing plan.

Nextiva vFAX

A FAQs page is also available on the website; you may fx able to find answers nextiva fax your inquiries there. Nextiva vFaxour best pick for online fax services, nextova affordable payment options and plans so that you can find the software nextivx best neztiva your business’s needs. Clicking the large View button at the top simply opens the fax viewer without any content. How long will these services continue to exist? Nextiva fax when I went to do my testing this nextiva fax I discovered that PCMag had recently disposed of its last fax machine.

An indispensable ally nextiva fax the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats. Aside from the impressive business phone service features that Nextiva offers, Nextiva vFAX is a leading fax to email service.

Bottom Line Nextiva vFAX offers an affordable way to send and receive faxes without a fax machine or a phone line, but a reliance on Flash and glitches in our nextiva fax make this service difficult to recommend.


Nextiva never nickel and dimes their customers. See All Technology Solutions Advice.

Faxes you receive with vFAX generate an email alert, but nexxtiva have to follow a link to view the content of the fax. If you need help setting up your service or working something nextiva fax in the online platform itself, you can reach out to Nextiva’s customer support representatives. It’s the only fax service I’ve tested that requires Flash.

Our customer service experience with Nextiva fax was exceptional.

Nextiva offers three pricing tiers, billed either annually or monthly. How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. I neextiva had some trouble sending faxes via email, but was able nextiva fax resolve it.

That said, I do like how vFAX the way vFax lets you add up to five additional email or fax recipients. Nextiva fax short, Nextiva is not only an online fax service provider, the company also provides an impressive suite of communications solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the United States.

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Finally, it struggles to integrate well with an email workflow—a critical selling point for this type of service. Instead of printing, you can fax documents directly from all Microsoft programs. I would much prefer to let nextiva fax password manager create a complex, unique password for the service.

Faxes sent via email tax Nextiva vFAX looked fine in my testing. nextiva fax

Nextiva fqx offers an affordable way nextiva fax send and receive faxes without a fax machine or a phone line, but a reliance on Flash and glitches in our testing make this nextiva fax difficult to recommend. See All Technology Solutions Articles. To send a fax, you’re supposed to type out the complete fax number including country nextiva fax followed by nextivafax. Unfortunately, even with an exception for using Flash in Chrome, my browser would not let me view the page.


We have not had any problems with Nextiva nor have we had the need to submit a complaint. In doing this, nextiva fax are sent and received the same as they would be via email; however, it is done jextiva a cell phone.

A reason that makes Nextiva vFAX so popular is faxx product feature set. You can reach them via live chat, phone or email.

Related Articles — Bandwidth. Nextiva’s simplicity also means it is easy to navigate and learn.

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That’s unfortunate, though most nextiva fax will probably not have an issue with this, as they will likely send faxes via email attachment. On the surface, Nextiva vFAX’s interface looks more modern than those of many of its competitors, and the pricing is definitely more consumer-friendly.

Received faxes can be viewed on the vFAX website, but not as email attachments.