Nike says the eight settings produce up to 45 yards of directional difference. Golfer 10 years ago. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Yes the VR irons look niceā€¦but they are only ok to hit. See our huge selection of golf carts , golf balls , golf drivers , golf gifts , golf shoes , golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags , golf putters , golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs , golf apparel , ladies golf equipment , golf push carts and golf tips. I am 23 and started playing golf around 10 years or so ago, but stopped playing about 7 years ago.

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I was wondering where to start really.

Thank you very much in advance! I was excited to try out this club and although I was impressed with the ease of altering both lie and face angle to influence the shot I must say nike sq dymo2 str8-fit driver is not for me. Sign Up For Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?

Nike Dymo & Nike SQ Dymo2 Str8-Fit

Saying that it was easy to adjust and the set up options are impressive and they did effect ball flight. They are harder than most irons, but the D4 weight has a great play and feel.

Thanks so much both!! Tom Stites, Director of product creation: In recent tests in Japan the Nike VR was the worst of almost every new iron being released in jike The ball, although still slightly right, was a lot more straight, something i’m nike sq dymo2 str8-fit to work on with a full basket tomorrow.

Recent Drivers  TOSHIBA M105-S1021 DRIVERS

First Look: Nike Dymo & Nike SQ Dymo2 Str8-Fit

A new folded round geometry repositions square mass into a round format for workable nike sq dymo2 str8-fit and control.

Also could you recommend what length of shaft is ideal for a 6 foot person as my iron play can be very good but i also play terrible Should identify whats causing the slice rather than chopping and changing clubs looking for something that works.

Five hot Tour strokes and the putters that fuel them. Nike says the eight settings produce up to 45 yards of directional difference.

We have the golf GPSgolf swing video, golf instructiongolf teesgolf simulatorsgolf storegolf shopand most products that are golf related. The by-product is that you nike sq dymo2 str8-fit choose among eight clubface and lie angles.

Nike SQ Dymo2 STR-8 Fit Driver

This shifts more mass farther back and to the heel side for added draw shr8-fit. The results were not promising for the new VR line. Golfer 10 years ago. GolfFreak 10 years ago. The real cachet, though, comes from Nike’s innovative “Str8-Fit” adjustable fitting system, which nike sq dymo2 str8-fit a specially designed shaft adapter and hosel system.

Despite all that the ball still travelled a distance that was, if not awe inspiring, certainly not disheartening and although not every shot was dead straight the wayward shots certainly made more of an effort to stay on line than some of my recent drives!

I nike sq dymo2 str8-fit the nike sq dymo2 str8-fit, dark colour scheme was much more suited to the Bike model although it was still quite clunky and chunky.


If you tend to hook the ball, you can choose one of three open-faced playing positions to find more fairways. I’m going to get a swing analyzer on my ipod this evening i knew that christmas present would come in handy! The model I tried was fitted with a stiff shaft which is not ideal for my slower swing speed. Dymo 2 which stands for “dynamic MOI” has a rear “PowerBow” ztr8-fit gets thicker as loft increases from 8.

In the Titleist RC13 bag: I was using the Nike SQ for about 4 months but regularly hit an horrific slice.

If you really have a problem with drivers nike sq dymo2 str8-fit this could be the answer as nike sq dymo2 str8-fit only has it got the square face, but the adjustability should enable you to straighten out even the worst fade or draw a bit more.

I am looking for some general pointers, so at least i have a something to work with? If you tend to slice the ball, turning the shaft to the left and into one of three closed-face positions should help you hit a straighter shot. They studies mis-hits and on center hits. Work the ball left, right, low draw, high Fade. Nic 10 years ago.