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You need a special chip on your motherboard to run SLI with different models – correct me if I’m wrong. There’s a few that come close. Discuss in the forums. It has 2 modes: It’s also exclusively for laptops for now. Its just not possible as far as I can tell. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

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Quite a few chipsets also disable onboard graphics when a discrete adaptor is installed.

Hybrid Crossfire would support something like this as several comments point out. That’s better than some of my georce PCI-E x16 cards. My point is that, even while I did also bring up crossfire, it has no relevance to this question since the asker has Nvidia cards.

Discuss in the forums. If an answer probably this one is adequate in answering your question, it’s customary to select it as the answer.

Using onboard and dedicated graphics cards simultaneously for mixed performance. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. SLI is meant for identical nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics unless you have a special chip on your motherboard Lucid Hydra.

NVIDIA GeForce 7050 + nForce 610i

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. None of the technologies I know of at the moment can do this.

Biostar claims Core i5 runs DDR Marcus Chan 1, 6 Otherwise in the Nvidia world, Optimus requires specific hardware, but if the author had that specific hardware it would be possible.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS: SM-352B

I want to know if I can run gefore graphics cards at same time, connected to a single monitor, in order to get mixed performance. nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics

NVIDIA GeForce + nForce i | TechPowerUp GPU Database

You could have a nice dual screen set up with independent cards per monitor though – Nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics recommended. Its just not possible as far as I can tell. I did exactly what you are talking about except with two monitors. We’re still of the opinion that it’s about time all GPUs and graphics cards were HDCP enabled by default – ATI has listened and delivered on that front, but Nvidia still continues down the rather confusing path of making it compulsory on higher end GPUs and optional on the lower-end products that are more likely to be used for video playback.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, yet but we’ll endeavour to get that before the product launches. The answer is no, not without a great deal of special driver development in your specific case.

I’ll have to look into that more. Is there any way to do nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics Written by Tim Smalley. Boards based on Nvidia’s latest integrated chipset for Intel processors were initially showed off at this year’s CeBIT trade show, but due to some problems with audio passing over HDMI, the silicon had to go for a respin.


Does it give AMD’s G chipset a run for its money? Questions Nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics Users Badges Unanswered. Enigma 2, 7 32 Hybrid Crossfire would support something like this as several comments point out The main reason why SLI just supports identical cards for now anyways is because the effect of merging two Integarted would have to be handled differently for each different pair combo.

I made the edit to correct the mistake which anyone can see I realize – obviously I wasn’t trying to hide it. We’ll leave you with a shot of the board It’s ATI, not nvidia.

It’s called Hybrid SLIand this article describes it in some detail. It’s also exclusively for laptops for now. In fact, the answers that say there’s no Nvidia Crossfire equivalent are wrong.

Nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics looks like that silicon is finally back and the boards are almost ready for retail – Biostar said that its grapbics would be shipping “very soon”, with boards arriving in the US within a month. There’s nothing I can think of that will switch graphics cards on the fly and use a specific graphics card to output even where rendering happens on the other card.