Views Read Edit View history. Intel themselves have not stood still in the months since the Northwood, the newest iteration of Pentium 4s, was announced. It stands to reason that a move to a faster FSB cannot be successfully made without having motherboards that natively support the increased speed. Subscribe to our newsletter. SiS and ALi were the only two companies initially awarded licenses to produce third party chipsets for the Pentium 4.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The company emphasized high integration to minimize the cost to implement their solutions.

Test ssi As we compare the processors of the same architecture, it is enough to use only one instruction set for the CPU RightMark: It concerns some modules with tRAC Row Access Time of 45 ns – with them the system can fail to start, but if it starts more problems won’t occur.

SIS Introduces “Overclockable” SISDX Chipset – ExtremeTech

B as a south bridge which differs from the old revision only in the ATA support. The scores of the Pentium 4 2. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Benchmarks Under Windows Page 7: CPU and Multimedia Bench. Now, the Taiwanese manufacturer has reworked the memory interface and increased the FSB clock to MHz in preparation for the new Pentium 4’s arrival.

In the late s, SiS made the decision to invest in their own chip fabrication facilities. Now let’s turn to the chipsets.


Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. It means that in this test at least, with the DDR sie higher memory the processor bus limits the performance. The P4XA chipset, released yet at the end of the last year, sported the support of future processors with the MHz bus.

The rendering in the 3ds max is one more good processor test where other components hardly affect the performance. After this late success, SiS continued positioning itself as a budget chipset producer. This chipset barely differs from the original SiS, however, it features a tweaked memory interface and adds support for MHz bus processors.

The fact that Intel was going to equip its high-performance processors with a faster 645ex bus wasn’t a secret a long time ago already. The VIA’s chipset is not impressing at all. But because a modern board must be obligatory coupled with the USB 2. The startup screen for the SiS reference board.

Review: MSI SiSDX E MAX-LRU – Mainboard –

A chipset on the SiS reference board. Asus, for example, will be offering the P4S In all diagrams the Pentium 4 2. However, it couldn’t bust up with Intel, that is why in the documentation for the SiS DX the figure was followed by the word “Overclock”. Like thethe SiS chipset was a big success and managed to perform very admirably against VIA’s P4X chipset, not to mention being sold at a cheaper price.


In the time of the Pentium III, when the slow and expensive RDRAM was kicked off by everyone, the new memory type was appreciated at its true value, and it required just few things – a new architecture of the Pentium 4 and its speed bus.

For the entire duration of operation, the Northbridge was notable for its very small increase in temperature, and so, in contrast to products from competitors, it does not require an active cooler.

Available chipsets The announced line includes the most interesting model clocked at 2. MSI Micro-Star Internationala premier first-tier motherboard manufacturer, have always been quick to embrace change.

SiS 645DX – Is This The Best Chipset For The P4?

Companies based in Hsinchu Companies established in Electronics companies of Taiwan Graphics hardware companies Semiconductor companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands. Ambitious users can use a higher-performance graphics card with the AGP slot. This came as a big surprise to many and now instead of being seen as a manufacturer of low-end sid chipsets, SiS became a popular name amongst many hardware enthusiasts. Asus, for example, will be offering the P4S