I agree, this thing looks like a huge hook waiting to happen. So why would one want to consider trying a PowerPod II? With an intentional, wild, power slice, it shoots the ball straight and unusually far. When the guys with low handicaps or the ones that could usually hit the fairways hit,. The subjective stuff looks, feel, etc.

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Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s tiger shark powerpod ii coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. It almost goes without saying that we find the fact that only a single loft Similar to the way things often breakdown with distance, our testers are often willing to forget a couple of 50 yard banana hooks if they put one or two balls just a few feet from the centerline.

Once again, I suspect there are design elements at play all that mass behind the sweet spotand my guess is things like feel and soundmay tiger shark powerpod ii been afterthoughts. You all need to stop smelling your tifer farts.

You would always see 1 or 2 guys using this driver at any of the golf courses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bret 7 years ago.

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Shot for shot the PowerPod II proved to be as long, though not meaningfully longer, than just about anything else on the market. Michael 7 years ago. Some original Powerpods had early composite shafts. Apr 21, 15 Comments. Sound tiger shark powerpod ii feel are closely linked, no doubt. It almost goes without saying that none of our testers were itching to bag the Sahrk II.


The original Powerpods are not waterproof. I guess its jus hard for stuck up tiger shark powerpod ii to realize at one point in time Callaway and Ping were a tiger shark powerpod ii brand too. Talk about hitting with a lag, a strong swinger tiegr have the shaft in a C shape. I almost always have to tell them to powrpod. As we said in the review, the PowerPod II is a solid, though not extraordinary performer, whose design is clearly going to limit its market impact.

The hammer looked like a cheap piece of shit and resembled tiger shark powerpod ii putter that you would buy from Walmart.

We got there a bit differently lower high ratings, higher low ratingsbut not one of our testers was the least bit enamored with the dull tiger shark powerpod ii at impact. Out of 72 total test shots, 10 missed left poderpod more than 50 yards.

They were great fun, provided one could take all the funny remarks, and I was sad when they were stolen. While that might help to explain it, it does nothing tigwr change the way our testers felt about it.

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I hit The Hammer almost as long as my current 21 degree hybrid, and that sadly is not an exaggeration. Frank R 7 years ago. I see that kind of thinking tiger shark powerpod ii my testers all the time, but I thought I was mostly immune to it.


Having hit both I would sum up the differences like this:. The performance ttiger are solid, but our subjective results tell us that TigerShark has a long road ahead of them as far as convincing golfers that they need a PowerPod II in their tiger shark powerpod ii. They had very small faces, and tiny heads with virtually ALL of the weight behind the sweet spot area.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TigerShark PowerPod II

powerpood I have measured it with professional tools. I love odd things! In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. If a tester really likes a driver, tiger shark powerpod ii almost always tell us that they believe it provides above average distance.

Roger B 5 years ago. With a swing that normally produces good drives, the pod sends the ball tiger shark powerpod ii a duck hook that really ends with the ball rolling 90 degrees left of the oi. This was pre graphite shaft days, but there was a non metal shaft that was almost like a buggy whip that most of the guys used.