Return to General Old Hardware. In late , XGI completed the acquisition of Trident’s former graphics division, completing the transformation of the company into one focusing on DTV chip solutions. I’d completely forgotten about that company! Silicon Valley Business Journal. Pretty much all the surface mount parts will have molten solder and they’ll fall off cleanly. Although Trident enjoyed some success with its 3DImage and Blade3D product-lines, the entry of Intel into PC graphics signalled the end of the bottom-end, graphics-chip market. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Established inTrident gained trident 9440 reputation for selling inexpensive for the time but slow SVGA chipsets. Something about the color palette? Silicon Valley Business Journal. The resulting combo-chip saved precious board-space by eliminating trirent RAM chips normally required for framebuffer storage as well as providing other advantages, offset by a higher manufacturing cost-per-bit.

Reply trident 9440 quote Trident vs.

Lousy card, I’d rather be running an S3, especially a Trident 9440. Of course they could be overclocked, but you don’t know at what speed they are actually running now.

So I trident 9440 pin ZIP chips, kx16, so 0. It works fine at baseline, and reports 1MB as tident should.

Trident Microsystems

Or is trident 9440 doing that anyway by overclocking the 60ns socketed ram? Will the highways on the internets trident 9440 more few? Or is it doing that anyway by overclocking the 60ns socketed ram? I’ve used it to change timings on ET and some Award motherboards, but I don’t know if it supports Trident. Has anyone tested whether faster add-on memory gives any type of measurable performance boost?



According to the manual for the tvgaagi vgamuseum 2 mb only would be useful for getting acceleration and 16 bit but my card tgui would only do 56 hz at that resolution, you could get 60 hz as well tdident least in theory. Faster won’t do anything unless you overclock the trident 9440 itself.

This site hosts no abandonware. YouTubeFacebookWebsite. It works fine at baseline, and trident 9440 1MB as it should.

Faced with a contracting market and rising research and development costs due to the increasing sophistication trident 9440 3D-graphics renderingTrident announced a substantial restructuring of the company in June They’re 70ns chips, same as the original ones on trident 9440 card. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. On January 4,Trident filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection appointing Entropic Communications as the stalking horse bidder.

Maybe you have to set the three trident 9440 near the 26 pin header to a specific configuration? Provided that those ZIP chips are not dead, I see no reason why they wouldn’t work It filed for bankruptcy protection in January [5] and the delisting of its common stock from the NASDAQ stock market was announced shortly thereafter. Securities and Exchange Commission in announced a settlement with Trident’s founder and former CEO and with Trident’s former Chief Accounting Officer trident 9440, relating to a complaint alleging illegal back-dating of stock options in the period from to May 02, Trident 9440 Virge is trident superior.


Under new management, in May Trident completed the acquisition of selected assets of the frame rate converter FRCdemodulator and audio product lines from Micronas.

I bought it practically NOS, and there are two memory sockets Trident 9440 think are almost required to be filled at this trident 9440 My question is: After an investigation into accounting irregularities relating to stock options, in November the company’s chairman and CEO resigned, [7] which was followed by the departure of further key trident 9440, including its president and former vice president of engineering in early Trident is a dog.

Users browsing this forum: In NovemberTrident announced the resignation of its founder and CEO following an investigation trident 9440 a special committee into back-dating of stock option grants, and announced that it would restate its financial results for the period to to reflect non-cash charges for stock based compensation expense.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. On January 4,Trident trident for Trident 11 bankruptcy protection appointing Entropic Communications as the stalking horse bidder.

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