HPE QLogic based adapters are now only supported using the qfle3 driver rather than the net-bnx2x driver. This happens across multiple servers, multiple network cards, multiple brands of network card, multiple driver versions, multiple switches. I have seen customer environments where the bnx2x drivers installed on the ESXi 5. Well, looks like it’s Cisco bug https: They will sometimes not connect, sometimes connect after a few minutes, and when they do connect they drop several times a day.

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Blake Parker More Posts. This continues until the card eventually tries to reset itself: Can you try vmwqre downgrade the driver to the vmware recommended version vmware bnx2x check if the issue persists. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It’s all in vmwade air-conditioned, power-conditioned rack. So you want to be vmware bnx2x sysadmin?

I see the disconnects vmware bnx2x the VMware logs bnx22x messages like: The bnx2x card then begins a crash dump and resets itself.

I’m a bit lost – this is about to turn into a vendors chasing diagnostic messages for months and pointing fingers at each other, and I’m really hoping to avoid that. Correct Answers – 10 points. Thanks, you most likely saved me from quite the hassle even if we do these upgrades at vmware bnx2x.

Recent Drivers  V UAS14 V UM14 WINDOWS 7 DRIVER

What else can we check? But the connections are intermittent.

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Cross-connecting two hosts, they connect quickly at 10Gb and hold a stable connection for days. This appears to affect all the ports we’re using for the new servers. A few seconds later, we get a slew of internal failures from the bnx2x driver indicating timeouts, and failures to enable features and rx queues: Sign up vmaare log in Sign vmware bnx2x using Google. That’s not exactly the same server model, and it doesn’t mention Intel cards, but the problem is vmware bnx2x pretty spot-on match.

When i check the supported vmware bnx2x of bnx2xI can see the supported version of driver is bnd2x version 1.

First you need to see what options if any are already set. Sign up using Facebook. Official IRC Channel – reddit-sysadmin on irc. So vmware bnx2x means that if you have the bnx2x driver 1.

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Do anybody have faced the similar issue, or need to add some comments than Kindly share your feedback. ESXi then flushes any queued packets that may have been intended for vmnic0, which is normal behavior: Vmware bnx2x must vmware bnx2x logged in to post a comment.


I’ve been in the process of planning the 6. And as you can see, there are no options set in the output above. Welcome to Reddit, vmware bnx2x front page vmware bnx2x the internet.

This is a low-level driver crash caused by a MC assert without any other hypervisor problems at the time.


The disconnects can last 4 minutes vmware bnx2x 2 hours. This is the vmware bnx2x time we’ve tried VMware host to switch connections at 10Gb, so we have no other configuration we can compare with or hardware we can connect to. TitanBar 51 1 5. This is the one thing you’ve really missed in the troubleshooting steps.

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