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This file can be printed using Adobe Acrobat 3. If you selected No, the Setup Complete window appears fig. Page 33 PC: Select Yes or No to configure your printer. The Printer Name Window appears fig. If you use these types of cards, lightly wipe the powder off both sides of the card using a dry lint-free cloth.

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Chapter 3 — Pc: Page 85 — Maintenance, Specifications, and Warranty Page To help ensure print quality, make sure the selected media type matches the media type loaded in the corresponding cassette. Page 13 Click either Network Install for a networked printer or Parallel Connection for a local printer. Turn xxante the printer and unplug the power cord from the printer and power source.

Remove any paper scraps and xante aw 1200 off paper xante aw 1200 toner dust with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth fig. AdobePS44 folder and open the appropriate language folder. Reset Factory Defaults fig.

Printer Package The printer weighs approximately 27 lbs 12 kg without toner, cassettes, and media installed. Read the license agreement; then, click Yes. Page Screw the four stand-off posts into the four corner holes on the bottom of the IDE hard disk fig. If you use these types of cards, lightly wipe the powder off both sides of the card using a dry lint-free cloth. Continue if you wish to perform additional installations fig.


Removing Cables and Media Turn off xante aw 1200 printer and disconnect the power cord from the printer and power source. When the Main Installation window xante awclose it Xante aw 1200. Download PostScript File option to download the Xanet.

Page 37 On most systems the AdobePS program automatically launches unless xante aw 1200 version is installed already.

Page 42 Select the country fig. Screen Shape The Screen Shape feature allows you to select the shape of dots that make up the screen pattern for your printed image. Xante aw 1200 the printer saving the packing materials. Then, slide the cassette back into the printer until it snaps into place fig. Chapter 1 covers step 1; this section covers steps 2 and 3.

The Printer Properties window closes. Always lift the printer, using the recessed grip areas on the right and left sides only. Memory requirements depend on file and media size.

If you selected Network Installation, continue to step If you want to print a custom size, make sure the dial is set xante aw 1200 Others; then any page size can be used. Pinch the center of the end guide, slide the guide xante aw 1200 the appropriate media size position, and release the guide fig. Acrobat Reader will need to be installed to view this manual.


Download free pdf for Xante AW Printer manual

The Setup Complete window appears fig. The Select Program Folder window appears fig. Page Reinstall the controller board into the printer.

RAM size, engine speed, page count, xante aw 1200 PostScript margin settings as well as whether the startup-page and low toner page printing is enabled on or disabled off. Fill out and submit the form. Installing the Optional Paper Feeder An optional feeder and paper cassette can be added to your printer to increase input capacity for standard paper to approximately xante aw 1200.